The New Apple iPad-Review

The new iPad that Apple wants to attract customers with has numerous features such as: a new powerful processor, a higher screen resolution, Touch ID and an upgraded camera.

During the third quarter, Apple has managed to sell 13.3 million iPads, which led to revenue of 5.89 billion US dollars. Although, the figures seem impressive they are lower than the ones registered last year when Apple sold 14.61 million iPads which brought 16.35 million US dollars. The Apple CEO declared that the figures had lowered because in certain parts of the world sales decreased. Cook’s declarations have been backed up by the IDC analysis which revealed that the US and the Western European tablet market registered a fall with 5% during 2014.

The new iPad is expected to have a design similar to the one of the old one. However, it is supposed to have new specs and features which have the purpose to attract new clients. It is possible for Apple to equip the new iPad with an A8 chip, which is supposed to be with 20 up to 30% more powerful than the current one. The cameras might undergo some changes as well. The iPad Air 5 has a back camera of 5 megapixels and a front camera of 1.2 megapixels.

The new gadget will be secured by means of the Touch ID feature. Some leaked photos presented the iPad Air and the iPad mini equipped with the Touch ID button. This security technology may help users do mobile payments. The new iPad is expected to have a much better screen than the one belonging to iPad air and which has a resolution of 2048×1536.

When it comes to prices, Apple is appreciated for having managed to keep the prices quite steady. For now, a buyer can purchase an iPad mini, first version for the price of 299 US dollars. However, the iPad Air having Wi-Fi and 128 gigabytes can cost up to 929 US dollars.

The new Apple iPads are expected to be presented in the month of October.