The Clash of the Smart Phones: iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S5

Just two years ago, Samsung and Apple smart phones were the only ones taken into consideration by customers. But in the meantime, other phones made the appearance and they really want a share of the gadgets market. Times are a bit harsh, especially for Samsung, which experienced a fall in the overall sales during the second financial quarter of 2014.

This situation has been partially triggered by the fact that developed markets are quite saturated with smart devices. The simple fact is that consumers no longer suffer from the smart gadget fever. Also there are some new players on the market like LG, HTC and Sony and the quite threatening low cost phone producers like Xiaomi famous for its Moto G and Nexus 5.

The fourth financial quarter is quite busy time for all companies which prepare for the Christmas shopping spree. Most technological companies release new products during this period in the hope to boost their annual revenue. Probably the stars of the 2014 end will be Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6 has not been released yet, and therefore all the data in this article are based on rumors and internal leaks.

Design and Appearance

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not very revolutionary in design when compared to its predecessors. The screen is a bit bigger it is true but not to make a notable difference. The extended display can be really observed when the phone placed near one of its fore-runners. The corners of the Galaxy S5 are a bit square shaped. There is no metallic build while the back panel has quite a dimple texture.  The design is completed by the micro USB port and the IP67 sign.

The vast majority of the rumors concerning the iPhone 6 claim that it is going to be the largest phone that Apple has ever created. Probably Apple will cram a big display into a phone body which has almost the same size as its fore-runners. According to certain rumors the new Apple smart phone will be waterproof. Most people expect for two versions of the iPhone: the smaller one having 4.7 inch (to be launched in September) and the larger one having 5.5 inch (to be launch towards the end of 2014).

Initial rumors claimed that the new iPhone 6 would have about 6 mm in thickness. However, the mockup smart phones that appeared in China have 7 mm. It is said that phone’s official name will be iPad Air so as to align with the rebranding of iPad Air. The chassis is a bite more rounded than in the other iPhone 6 models, the edges appear to be much thinner and there is plenty of metal around. Nonetheless, the panel design reminds of the one belonging to HTC One M8.

There have been lots of speculations about the sizes of the two iPhone 6 models. The latest ones point towards a 4.5 inch standard phone and a phablet having around 4.8 inch. Users should not be afraid of having a brick instead of a slim phone since Apple is doing its best to keep the chassis as compact as the situation allows.

Storage Capacity

There are high chances for the iPhone 6 to have more or less the same storage possibilities as the other gadgets in the iPhone line. Thus, the iPhone 6 might have a storage capacity of 16 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes. There is also a rumor about the model having a storage capacity of 128 gigabytes due to the microSD.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers either 16 gigabytes or 32 gigabytes of memory plus the micro SD support which permits and expansion of the memory to 128 gigabytes. However, there are some reports that claim that the 16 gigabytes model has actually around 8 gigabytes. So the important micro SD storage has a different meaning if these reports turn out to be true.

Display Characteristics

There are lots of rumors concerning not only the size but the material of the display of the new Apple phone. There have been rumors about the Sapphire Glass and about quantum dot displays. The wrap-around display claims have faded away. Quite interesting are the claims that Apple has managed somehow to incorporate solar panel into its display so to top-up the phone’s battery 24/7.

There are analysts who warn users not to expect so much from the Apple display. They say that sapphire crystals are extremely costly and therefore there are little chances for Apple to produce a display made entirely of this material. However, Apple has already used sapphire crystals for the TouchID button and for the camera lens of its previous iPhone models.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1 inch display, a HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and it is based on the now famous AMOLED technology. The image is highly qualitative and the colors are bright and rich.

Processor Characteristics

The iPhone 6 will probably have new, faster chip (either an A7X or an A8). TSMC has been discovered as being Apple’s most important supplier of A8 chips. It seems that the company is producing huge quantities of the chip for the time being.

For the Galaxy S5, Samsung has chosen a processor of the Qualcom Snapdragon 801 quad-core type. It has a power of 2.5 gigahertz and a random access memory of 2 gigabytes and there is obviously the upgraded Andreno 330 GPU.

Taking Photos

Unfortunately, the rumors on the iPhone 6 camera are quite few. However, considering the character tics of the iPhone 5 camera, it will definitely be something worth waiting for. The camera might have a snapper of 13 megapixels. There are high chances for the imaging technology of the phone to feature the Lytro-like abilities. Lytro is a camera that permits users to take a picture and then to select the focal point later. This is achieved by means of the plenoptic technology. Apple definitely needs to improve its camera technology if it wants to maintain its lion share of the market.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 represents one of the most important update brought by the Korean Company to its Galaxy line. The phone has some very handy and appealing features. It has a 16 megapixels sensor and a video capture equal to 4K.  The Selective Mode permits the users to take the photo before choosing the focal point. There is also a HDR live which permits the users to actually see how the HDR modifies the image before being captured. The 0.3 capture speed should not be overlooked. However, the Selective Mode functions on a much simpler technology than the Lytro cameras.

Battery Power

Some original rumors claimed that Apple would make use of solar panels in the display. In this way the phone would have the capacity to recharge itself by using the sun’s light. If this were true, then it would definitely revolutionize the world of smart phones. However, recent leaks point out that this project did not materialize.

Various leaked images have revealed that the iPhone 6 will have a normal battery with power ranging between 1,700 mAh and 2,000 mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a battery with a power of 2,800 mAh. However, it has to support a bigger display.

Launching Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 can be purchased in 125 countries. The phone is available in the UK for the sum of 579 pounds (SIM-Free) or the buyer may sign a contract with various networks.

It is believed that the iPhone 6 will be announced in September and then released on the market in a very short while. It is said that the smaller version will be launched sooner, while the bigger one later in the year. Apple has made no comments.