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Spam Counter Strike. The ultimate anti spam / junk email filter software.

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Contact: Jerry Gilmore,

Rowley, Massachuesetts - November 20, 2002

Keep Your Inbox Spam-free with Spam CounterStrike

AMAZING STORM, Inc., an emerging leader in effective anti junk e-mail (spam) solutions for the small business and consumer market, today released their new version of its flagship product, Spam CounterStrike. This new version offers a faster and more accurate spam detection engine, new user interfaces, and a brand new installation wizard to help users get installed quickly and easily.

The new installer uses easy to follow written instructions and example pictures plus automatic installation capabilities. The result is a fast and easy flowing installation experience getting users up and running in less than 5 minutes without frustration.

The expanded capability of the installer illustrates the fact that Spam CounterStrike works differently from competing spam filtering programs Spam CounterStrike works with the user's e-mail program to check spam. Each e-mail is judged as it is downloaded. There is no risk of losing any e-mail since they are placed outside of the inbox for review or deletion at the user's convenience.

Spam CounterStrike is a very careful and accurate tool for detecting spam. It uses over 25 different techniques for detecting junk e-mail and goes far beyond looking at one or two black lists. For example, the senders' e-mail address is examined nine (9) different ways to judge whether or not it's legitimate.

Emphasis and care was placed on making Spam CounterStrike easy for users to use and not being an obstacle to working with e-mail. Once installed, the user rarely needs to do anything with the product. Spam checking is automatic and invisible. Updating Spam CounterStrike can be scheduled automatically. The most common action is easily accessible, adding friends, family and business associates' e-mail addresses into the "Friends List" so they can not be marked as spam. Power users have other options for customizing spam detection.

The end result is users saving time, reading their wanted e-mail and not being hassled by spam or other spam-cures. Spam CounterStrike is ideal for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail, Netscape HotMail Premium, and Yahoo! Premium as well as any POP compatible Windows e-mail program.

Spam CounterStrike offers a fifteen-(15) day risk free trial to install and use the product without limitation and may be downloaded from their web site at The product is available for purchase online for $30.00 USD, which includes one full year of all upgrades. A $19.00 USD upgrade is available when the user desires a newer version of the software beyond the first year.

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