iPhone and iPad Users Troubled by the iOS 7.1.2 Upgrades

The giant electronic company, Apple, has launched on the phone market its iOS 7.1.2 the OTA version running on iPhones as well as on iPads. This has been the second, not so evident upgrade done to iOS 7.  The upgrade was put on sale having the number 11D257, for everything starting with an i, this including iPdos, iPhones and obviously iPads.

The OTA upgrade has around thirty megabytes for the iPad while for the iPhone it has got thirty-two megabytes.

The iOS 7.1.2 provides a series of bug fixers as well as security upgrades like the “iBeacon connectivity”. This new security feature has the ability to fix bugs with the help of information transfer for accessories of the third party type, which might include scanners for bar codes. The upgrade makes Bluetooth available again on iOS gadgets.

Apple received lots of complaints from its customers regarding the iOS 7.1, after its launch that took place in the month of March. Thus, the company decided to create the iOS 7.1.1 update.

People using iOS7 had problems with sending email, with the Notification Center and the Control Panel that just refused to appear. More than that, they had to face the disappearing content, the battery that needed constant recharging and not to mention the crash of the home screen that was coming out of the blue.

The producers managed to fix many of these problems with the help of iOS 7.1. However, there were still complaints about unauthorized individuals managing to pass the Activation Lock. Also, clients continued to have issues with the battery which had a very short life, with crashing of the Apple applications and others.

For the time being, the users of an iPhone as well as the ones owning an iPad have reported problems while trying to install the new iOS 7.1.2 update. The users remain stuck in the process of upgrading their gadgets. Everything stands still when they reach the Software Update section of their menu.

The problem can be solved by re-setting the iPad or iPhone the users possesses. The gadget owner ought to press the Home and the Sleep/Wake button just for a few seconds till the entire screen goes black. The entire process lasts for about ten to fifteen seconds. After this, the famous Apple logo appears on the dark gadget screen. When this happens, users should stop pressing the buttons and have patience and wait for the gadgets to reassume their normal status.

Moreover, the users keep having problems with the iMessage function that does not allow them to receive written messages when they use another device not running on iOS.

The battery still needs constant recharging. The Apple clients have difficulties with the applications for the camera and with the failure of the SIM card after having installed the new program.

Nobody knows if the company is working at an iOS 7.1.3 version. The new iOS 8 has been scheduled to be launched on the market during the month of September. Users hope that the new iOS will put an end to the problems that iOS 7.1.2 has.