iPhone 6 to dominate the Month of September

There have been a lot of news and rumors about Apple and its newest gadget the iPhone 6. Thus, there has been more or less accurate information on iPhone 6 release date, availability and special features. Gadget fans and not only they have found out about the Apple-Samsung cease of fire outside US borders. There has been fresh news on Siri and Macbooks, Apple TV and others.

Fresh News on iPhone 6

There have been numerous rumors pointing towards the 9th of September as being the official date for the unveiling of iPhone 6. The big question is if Apple is going to announce both iPhone 6 models at the same time. The rumors about the production problems of iPhone 6, the 5.5 inch version are not something new. Nobody knows for sure how the new phone will look like. But, most agree that it will definitely have an impact on the market. It is also pretty sure that the iPhone 6 will invade the stores by the end of September.

iPhone 6 Desired Features

Users are eagerly expecting the iPhone 6 because it is supposed to have lots of new features. However, the majority of the Apple fans want a phone equipped with a longer lasting battery life. But this seems highly unlikely considering that the new phone is going to have a larger screen, a slimmer body and more pixels.

Apple and Samsung cease Fire Overseas

The two electronics giant companies have finally decided to put an end to their patent war outside the US borders. This is not as surprising as it might seem at a first glance. Both companies have more pressing issues to focus on. Apple has to concentrate on the new hardware it wants to produce, while Samsung is working hard to improve the Galaxy line. The companies issued an official statement in which they announced their recent truce but they also pointed out that they had no intention to stop the legal battle in the US law courts. Since Apple has the strongest case against the Korean company in the US, this situation should not be surprise for anybody.

iOS versus Android Users

The financial reports of the recently ended quarter have revealed some very interesting facts. Thus, the various statistics pointed out that the iOS online users are seven times more active than the average online users of devices functioning on Android. One cause of this situation might be the fact that the Android operating system runs on low-end phones.

Beats enters the Official Apple Store

Apple has managed to acquire Beats and as a result it decided to give the brand its section within the Apple Store. The basic style of Apple store is maintained but the Beats has also brought its smart and stylish touch. There are many who are not convinced that Apple has made a smart move by taking over Beats. Nonetheless, it is nice to see that the electronic giant is going to allow Beats to develop its brand name.

News on Apple TV

After the iOS’ification of the OSX, nobody should be surprises that Apple TV is the next in line. There are many who claim that this new update of the Apple TV is very similar to iOS 7. Although, the operating systems are created to suit different gadgets, a consistent look is becoming more and more evident.

More Space for iCloud

The Apple ecosystem is growing and therefore there is the need for the Apple cloud space to grow as well. The company is world renowned for its obsession to have everything under control. The cloud enlargement implies the construction of new Apple data centers. Various documents have been filled in order to add two new data centers to the facilities which Apple has in Reno.

Siri and MacBook

There has been the news that Siri is going to come to OSX. Last year, Apple asked for a patent for Intelligent Digital Assistant in a Desktop Environment. The patent has been made public this week. The drawings of the patent clearly present the Siri mike. There is also an abstract which says that a digital assistant can be used on a device by means of a gesture and a motion pattern applied to a touch sensitive surface. The user can invoke the dictation or the command mode to process some sort of speech input.