iPad Air 2 – New Specs but No News of The Launch Date

For the time being there is no news on the launch date of iPad Air 2. However, there is some fresh news, which hints that the tablet will come with some new specs.

It appears that the new Apple gadget will come equipped with lots of cool specs and features which might cause a revolution in the way people perceive tablets. The iPad Air 2 will probably have the technology of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, already used with the iPhone 5S. The gadget will attract customers by means of the haptic feedback. This haptic feedback is not something customers have not seen before since it is such a common feature of Android. However, Apple claims that the haptic feedback of the iPad Air 2 will change according to where the screen is located or on the application being used.

It is rumored that the iPad Air 2 might be connected to 4K television set having ultra-high definition. The Metal API technology can be used in order to turn the tablet into the ultimate gaming console.

The leaked photos of the iPad Air 2 present a gadget with speaker grilles and no back camera. The new tablet appears to be slimmer and lighter than its fore-runners. The screen will be equal to 9.7 inch and will have an increased pixel density. The gadget will have a 64-bit processor. The camera and the battery promise to be highly qualitative. The A8 processor is the promise for a gadget operating on a higher speed.

The iPad Air 2 is supposed to be launched in October but Apple has not confirmed any of the rumors.