Easy and Official Way to Unlock and Jailbreak iPhone 5S,4S iOS 7.1.2 Even the New iPhone 6

Some fresh rumors claim that the new iPhone 6 will not be released in September as expected by in the month of August. A famous China based producer said that Apple had already started the production process. Various reports state that Apple will definitely launch a product to match the quality of its iPhone 5 line and of its iPad Air which function on iOS 7.1.2 and iOS 7.1.1 on the version and AT&T networks. The iPhone 6 will probably be launched as a locked phone network throughout the world. For the time being the leaders of the market dedicated to jailbreak and unlock the iOS gadgets have come up with a fantastic solution.

The American company known as SafeRa1n which is dedicated to unlocking and jailbreaking gadgets running on iOS has discovered an official and permanent IMEI solution to unlock and obviously jailbreak  iPhon 5s,5,4s with its all versions, running on iOS 7.1.2., which functions with networks like Vodafone, Verzion, AT&T and others. The phones can be unlocked and jailbroken by taking into consideration the information on the official website of the company. Users of iPhone 5 all versions and iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 S can take advantage of the discovery made by SafeRa1n. However, the gadgets must be running on iOS 7.1.2 and iOS 7.1. with the versions iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.

The electronics giant has the habit of establishing collaboration with service providers in order to restrict its customers by permitting only one network functioning on its gadgets. Thus, many users have to use a service that they do not like only to be able to make use of their iPhone.

The unlocked Apple iPhone 5s has the advantage of passing the network limitations and it gives the users the possibility to operate an iPhone in ant network possible. The users can also change the firmware. The official unlock allows iPhone 5s and iPhone 4 possessors as well as iPhone 3GS users to update their phones. Any update is available on the Apple iPhone due to the official unlock. The firmware can be running on iOS 7.1.2 or any other iOS version to iOS 7.1. Even iOS 7 and iOS 7.1 which are the latest updates performed by Apple can be installed on the smart phone.

The unlocking process is performed by means of the IMEI technology. The best part is that the process is unlimited and it has no expiring date. Moreover, the process is quite simple and even those who are not very familiar with mobile phones can perform the operation just by using the IMEI software. This software has the capacity to unlock the entire iPhone 5 line which includes the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C and obviously the iPhone 5. The software also unlocks the iPhone 4S running on iOS 7.1.2 or in iOS 7.1.1. After being unlocked the mobile phone can be used with networks like Telenor, AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone and many others. The Unlock Jailbreak can be used in the USA, Europe and Australia. Users all over the world can take advantage of this unlocking system.

The unlocking process is quite clear. Mobile phones have a unique IMEI code which can be influenced by the software. The Apple database can be broken into with the help of this IMEI code.  When the software produced by Unlock-Jailbreak takes action on the IMEI code, the user has an unlocked smart mobile phone. The IMEI number can be identified when the users enters *#06#.