The Mockups of iPhone 6 Lack in Design Originality

In a few days from no we will witness some more Apple iPhone 6 unofficial information and news. The late stream of mockups demonstrated that the final exterior aspect of the soon-to-be-here flagships will not emphasize any radio wire breaks.

This comes sharp contrast to the past mockups. The late input about the 4.7-inch as well as the 5.5-inch variants of the cell phone show that past unofficial information was not correct at all and the exterior appearance of this telephone is going to leave everybody astonished.

As for the games, the past mockups related to the iPhone 6 are highly unrealistic. In spite of the fact that mockups give decent insights about the structure, the buyers should not accept the mockups completely.

In spite of the fact that the general design is pointed out by the dummies, the idea of cheap material is still lingering in the air. Sources claimed that they managed to miss a few development gimmicks and even essential design components.

Nikkei stated that the organization would mix easily the display made of bended glass with the aluminum shell encompassing the gadget. It is said that the aluminum components of the cell phone do not mix very well with the iPhone 6 display. However, sources inside Nikkei have guaranteed that this is not the reality, claiming that the bended display functioned smoothly and perfectly with the shell made of aluminum.

The radio wires, which can be easily noticed in the case of the mockups, have few chances to be incorporated in the final version of the iPhone 6. Prior, expectations revolved around a back panel crossed by some white stripes. Nikkei inside sources states that the iPhone 6 will get on the market without this feature as well.

Users Might Enjoy a Better iPhone 6 Battery

A Chinese web site said that the much awaited iPhone 4 featuring a 4.7 inches display will also receive a better battery, having with 15% more strength than the one belonging to the present iPhone.

Thus, there are many who believe that the iPhone 6 will have a longer lasting battery which will not need constant recharging.

Recent leaks claim the Apple will release its new iPhone 6 in two new versions: the 4.7 inch display and the one with 5.5 inch screen. It is said that the smaller version will have more powerful battery than the one of the iPhone 5. If this is to be true, than it is good news for iPhone users around the globe.

Lots of smart phone possessors complain about the quality of the battery, since it requires daily recharging. However, we have to admit that the quality as well as the technology of the battery has improved a lot during the past years. Nowadays, all types of smart phones have so many features that manage to suck up a phone’s energy in just a couple of hours. Thus, for smart phone creators the ultimate challenge is to find a method to keep phone slim while having a very powerful battery.

If the report made public by IT 168, the 4.7 inch version of the iPhoen 6 will have a battery of 1800 mAh and the phone will still preserve its slim, elegant looks. Moreover, the latest rumours claim that the new iPhones will be even slimmer that the ones extant on the market. The 5.5 inches model will be equipped with a battery having 5.500 mAh, which represents a 60% jump in the performance of the battery if the comparison is made with iPhone 5S.

In spite of the innovations and improvements the new batteries will still leave Apple behind its main competitor Android. Just think at Samsung Galaxy S5 and it battery of 2, 800 mAh. However, the S5 is as heavier and ticker as the present iPhone 5. However, a better battery life might overcome slimness in the users’ eyes.

In a quite rude advertisement which has been launched recently, Samsung called users of Apple smart phone users “wall huggers”, who are constantly looking for a socket to recharge their dead battery.

The obvious plus of the Galaxy S5 is its replaceable battery. If they buy a second battery the S5 users can change them when one’s energy has just drained. They do not need to ask a developer to do that for them, they can do it all by themselves. Since Apple has always cordoned the battery of iPhones, such a swap or replacement is a mission impossible for an iPhone user.

How to Use an iPhone 5S to Measure your Fitness Activity?

Hypothetical situation: an iPhone 5 S user speaking with an iPhone 5 specialist about the possibility to use the gadget as fitness tracker.

iPhone 5 S user:

“I like the profits of utilizing tracker for fitness; then again, I would prefer not to wear a fitness writs bracelet to specific occasions. In the majority of cases, I have my geeky iPhone 5s somewhere in one of my pockets. I was thinking about whether there is an application you know of which mixes the information from the M7 type processor with the one from a tracker of fitness so as to enhance the information? Is it necessary to wear a tracker for fitness is I already have an iPhone 5?”

iPhone 5 S specialist:

I really do not have knowledge of an application that mixes the information from wearable wellness trackers with the overall wellness data produced by utilizing just an iPhone 5 S and the implicit M7 type chip, which monitors a person’s movements, with the help of telephone’s new accelerometer, hi-tech gyroscope and extremely reliable compass. The applications I have found out about and which have the capacity to read the information obtained from the M7 chip located in the telephone mostly measure the number of steps you have taken. However some manage to extrapolate and show you the number of burned calories. This is all right but it cannot replace a fitness band that has the capacity to monitor your activity while sleeping, a thing that phone is not able to do right now.

Thus, if the only use you give to your fitness band is to measure the  number of steps you make, than you do not need to wear the band all the time, especially when your phone is around.

But, because of Apple’s plan of getting involved in health and healthy lifestyle, which is largely due to happen with the arrival of iOS 8 in autumn that might change. One gimmick of this new project, named the HealthKit, should combine information from different sources. Apple itself is supposed to be secretly creating its wellbeing smart watch, which would function in connection with an iPhone.

iPhone 5 S user:

I am considering of purchasing another Windows PC. What is the most recent version launched by Windows?

iPhone 5 S specialist

The most recent adaptation is Windows 8.1, Update 1 (regularly called Windows 8.1.1). This version has numerous procedures to make life all the better for people using the traditional mouse and keyboard and who are not fanatics of touch screens. I am not aware of Microsoft’s arrangements; however the rumor goes around that there may be another upgrade to turn Windows into being much more agreeable for the traditional clients. Additionally, it is generally expected that the electronic giant will launch on the market an entire new alternative: Windows 9, in the coming year.

iPhone and iPad Users Troubled by the iOS 7.1.2 Upgrades

The giant electronic company, Apple, has launched on the phone market its iOS 7.1.2 the OTA version running on iPhones as well as on iPads. This has been the second, not so evident upgrade done to iOS 7.  The upgrade was put on sale having the number 11D257, for everything starting with an i, this including iPdos, iPhones and obviously iPads.

The OTA upgrade has around thirty megabytes for the iPad while for the iPhone it has got thirty-two megabytes.

The iOS 7.1.2 provides a series of bug fixers as well as security upgrades like the “iBeacon connectivity”. This new security feature has the ability to fix bugs with the help of information transfer for accessories of the third party type, which might include scanners for bar codes. The upgrade makes Bluetooth available again on iOS gadgets.

Apple received lots of complaints from its customers regarding the iOS 7.1, after its launch that took place in the month of March. Thus, the company decided to create the iOS 7.1.1 update.

People using iOS7 had problems with sending email, with the Notification Center and the Control Panel that just refused to appear. More than that, they had to face the disappearing content, the battery that needed constant recharging and not to mention the crash of the home screen that was coming out of the blue.

The producers managed to fix many of these problems with the help of iOS 7.1. However, there were still complaints about unauthorized individuals managing to pass the Activation Lock. Also, clients continued to have issues with the battery which had a very short life, with crashing of the Apple applications and others.

For the time being, the users of an iPhone as well as the ones owning an iPad have reported problems while trying to install the new iOS 7.1.2 update. The users remain stuck in the process of upgrading their gadgets. Everything stands still when they reach the Software Update section of their menu.

The problem can be solved by re-setting the iPad or iPhone the users possesses. The gadget owner ought to press the Home and the Sleep/Wake button just for a few seconds till the entire screen goes black. The entire process lasts for about ten to fifteen seconds. After this, the famous Apple logo appears on the dark gadget screen. When this happens, users should stop pressing the buttons and have patience and wait for the gadgets to reassume their normal status.

Moreover, the users keep having problems with the iMessage function that does not allow them to receive written messages when they use another device not running on iOS.

The battery still needs constant recharging. The Apple clients have difficulties with the applications for the camera and with the failure of the SIM card after having installed the new program.

Nobody knows if the company is working at an iOS 7.1.3 version. The new iOS 8 has been scheduled to be launched on the market during the month of September. Users hope that the new iOS will put an end to the problems that iOS 7.1.2 has.