The Clash of the Smart Phones: iPhone 6 versus Samsung Galaxy S5

Just two years ago, Samsung and Apple smart phones were the only ones taken into consideration by customers. But in the meantime, other phones made the appearance and they really want a share of the gadgets market. Times are a bit harsh, especially for Samsung, which experienced a fall in the overall sales during the second financial quarter of 2014.

This situation has been partially triggered by the fact that developed markets are quite saturated with smart devices. The simple fact is that consumers no longer suffer from the smart gadget fever. Also there are some new players on the market like LG, HTC and Sony and the quite threatening low cost phone producers like Xiaomi famous for its Moto G and Nexus 5.

The fourth financial quarter is quite busy time for all companies which prepare for the Christmas shopping spree. Most technological companies release new products during this period in the hope to boost their annual revenue. Probably the stars of the 2014 end will be Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6 has not been released yet, and therefore all the data in this article are based on rumors and internal leaks.

Design and Appearance

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not very revolutionary in design when compared to its predecessors. The screen is a bit bigger it is true but not to make a notable difference. The extended display can be really observed when the phone placed near one of its fore-runners. The corners of the Galaxy S5 are a bit square shaped. There is no metallic build while the back panel has quite a dimple texture.  The design is completed by the micro USB port and the IP67 sign.

The vast majority of the rumors concerning the iPhone 6 claim that it is going to be the largest phone that Apple has ever created. Probably Apple will cram a big display into a phone body which has almost the same size as its fore-runners. According to certain rumors the new Apple smart phone will be waterproof. Most people expect for two versions of the iPhone: the smaller one having 4.7 inch (to be launched in September) and the larger one having 5.5 inch (to be launch towards the end of 2014).

Initial rumors claimed that the new iPhone 6 would have about 6 mm in thickness. However, the mockup smart phones that appeared in China have 7 mm. It is said that phone’s official name will be iPad Air so as to align with the rebranding of iPad Air. The chassis is a bite more rounded than in the other iPhone 6 models, the edges appear to be much thinner and there is plenty of metal around. Nonetheless, the panel design reminds of the one belonging to HTC One M8.

There have been lots of speculations about the sizes of the two iPhone 6 models. The latest ones point towards a 4.5 inch standard phone and a phablet having around 4.8 inch. Users should not be afraid of having a brick instead of a slim phone since Apple is doing its best to keep the chassis as compact as the situation allows.

Storage Capacity

There are high chances for the iPhone 6 to have more or less the same storage possibilities as the other gadgets in the iPhone line. Thus, the iPhone 6 might have a storage capacity of 16 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes and 64 gigabytes. There is also a rumor about the model having a storage capacity of 128 gigabytes due to the microSD.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers either 16 gigabytes or 32 gigabytes of memory plus the micro SD support which permits and expansion of the memory to 128 gigabytes. However, there are some reports that claim that the 16 gigabytes model has actually around 8 gigabytes. So the important micro SD storage has a different meaning if these reports turn out to be true.

Display Characteristics

There are lots of rumors concerning not only the size but the material of the display of the new Apple phone. There have been rumors about the Sapphire Glass and about quantum dot displays. The wrap-around display claims have faded away. Quite interesting are the claims that Apple has managed somehow to incorporate solar panel into its display so to top-up the phone’s battery 24/7.

There are analysts who warn users not to expect so much from the Apple display. They say that sapphire crystals are extremely costly and therefore there are little chances for Apple to produce a display made entirely of this material. However, Apple has already used sapphire crystals for the TouchID button and for the camera lens of its previous iPhone models.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1 inch display, a HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and it is based on the now famous AMOLED technology. The image is highly qualitative and the colors are bright and rich.

Processor Characteristics

The iPhone 6 will probably have new, faster chip (either an A7X or an A8). TSMC has been discovered as being Apple’s most important supplier of A8 chips. It seems that the company is producing huge quantities of the chip for the time being.

For the Galaxy S5, Samsung has chosen a processor of the Qualcom Snapdragon 801 quad-core type. It has a power of 2.5 gigahertz and a random access memory of 2 gigabytes and there is obviously the upgraded Andreno 330 GPU.

Taking Photos

Unfortunately, the rumors on the iPhone 6 camera are quite few. However, considering the character tics of the iPhone 5 camera, it will definitely be something worth waiting for. The camera might have a snapper of 13 megapixels. There are high chances for the imaging technology of the phone to feature the Lytro-like abilities. Lytro is a camera that permits users to take a picture and then to select the focal point later. This is achieved by means of the plenoptic technology. Apple definitely needs to improve its camera technology if it wants to maintain its lion share of the market.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S5 represents one of the most important update brought by the Korean Company to its Galaxy line. The phone has some very handy and appealing features. It has a 16 megapixels sensor and a video capture equal to 4K.  The Selective Mode permits the users to take the photo before choosing the focal point. There is also a HDR live which permits the users to actually see how the HDR modifies the image before being captured. The 0.3 capture speed should not be overlooked. However, the Selective Mode functions on a much simpler technology than the Lytro cameras.

Battery Power

Some original rumors claimed that Apple would make use of solar panels in the display. In this way the phone would have the capacity to recharge itself by using the sun’s light. If this were true, then it would definitely revolutionize the world of smart phones. However, recent leaks point out that this project did not materialize.

Various leaked images have revealed that the iPhone 6 will have a normal battery with power ranging between 1,700 mAh and 2,000 mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a battery with a power of 2,800 mAh. However, it has to support a bigger display.

Launching Date

Samsung Galaxy S5 can be purchased in 125 countries. The phone is available in the UK for the sum of 579 pounds (SIM-Free) or the buyer may sign a contract with various networks.

It is believed that the iPhone 6 will be announced in September and then released on the market in a very short while. It is said that the smaller version will be launched sooner, while the bigger one later in the year. Apple has made no comments.

iPhone 6 to dominate the Month of September

There have been a lot of news and rumors about Apple and its newest gadget the iPhone 6. Thus, there has been more or less accurate information on iPhone 6 release date, availability and special features. Gadget fans and not only they have found out about the Apple-Samsung cease of fire outside US borders. There has been fresh news on Siri and Macbooks, Apple TV and others.

Fresh News on iPhone 6

There have been numerous rumors pointing towards the 9th of September as being the official date for the unveiling of iPhone 6. The big question is if Apple is going to announce both iPhone 6 models at the same time. The rumors about the production problems of iPhone 6, the 5.5 inch version are not something new. Nobody knows for sure how the new phone will look like. But, most agree that it will definitely have an impact on the market. It is also pretty sure that the iPhone 6 will invade the stores by the end of September.

iPhone 6 Desired Features

Users are eagerly expecting the iPhone 6 because it is supposed to have lots of new features. However, the majority of the Apple fans want a phone equipped with a longer lasting battery life. But this seems highly unlikely considering that the new phone is going to have a larger screen, a slimmer body and more pixels.

Apple and Samsung cease Fire Overseas

The two electronics giant companies have finally decided to put an end to their patent war outside the US borders. This is not as surprising as it might seem at a first glance. Both companies have more pressing issues to focus on. Apple has to concentrate on the new hardware it wants to produce, while Samsung is working hard to improve the Galaxy line. The companies issued an official statement in which they announced their recent truce but they also pointed out that they had no intention to stop the legal battle in the US law courts. Since Apple has the strongest case against the Korean company in the US, this situation should not be surprise for anybody.

iOS versus Android Users

The financial reports of the recently ended quarter have revealed some very interesting facts. Thus, the various statistics pointed out that the iOS online users are seven times more active than the average online users of devices functioning on Android. One cause of this situation might be the fact that the Android operating system runs on low-end phones.

Beats enters the Official Apple Store

Apple has managed to acquire Beats and as a result it decided to give the brand its section within the Apple Store. The basic style of Apple store is maintained but the Beats has also brought its smart and stylish touch. There are many who are not convinced that Apple has made a smart move by taking over Beats. Nonetheless, it is nice to see that the electronic giant is going to allow Beats to develop its brand name.

News on Apple TV

After the iOS’ification of the OSX, nobody should be surprises that Apple TV is the next in line. There are many who claim that this new update of the Apple TV is very similar to iOS 7. Although, the operating systems are created to suit different gadgets, a consistent look is becoming more and more evident.

More Space for iCloud

The Apple ecosystem is growing and therefore there is the need for the Apple cloud space to grow as well. The company is world renowned for its obsession to have everything under control. The cloud enlargement implies the construction of new Apple data centers. Various documents have been filled in order to add two new data centers to the facilities which Apple has in Reno.

Siri and MacBook

There has been the news that Siri is going to come to OSX. Last year, Apple asked for a patent for Intelligent Digital Assistant in a Desktop Environment. The patent has been made public this week. The drawings of the patent clearly present the Siri mike. There is also an abstract which says that a digital assistant can be used on a device by means of a gesture and a motion pattern applied to a touch sensitive surface. The user can invoke the dictation or the command mode to process some sort of speech input.

iPhone 6 Mysteries will be solved on September 9th

Various reports claim that the giant electronics company will unveiled its so much rumored iPhone 6 on September the 9th. The company has set up a huge media event for its newest smart phone scheduled to take place in the month of September. If past releases are to be taken into consideration, then the iPhone 6 might hit the stores starting with the 19th of September.

Apple has managed to launch a new iPhone every year since 2007 when the production of the line began. During this period of time the company has managed to sell more than 500 million units worldwide. It also has the habit to release its products in early autumn. The iPhone 6 is going to be the ninth member of this highly popular line. Most rumors claim that Apple has prepared two versions of the phone: a smaller one having a 4.7 inch display and a bigger one having a 5.5 inch display. It is also said that the smaller version will hit the stores sooner.

Nonetheless, both models are supposed to be functioning on the basis of the in cell touch panel technology. This innovative technology was first introduced with the iPhone 5. Due to it the phones have a much thinner construction.  Like all the other iPhones, this new version is expected to be available in grey, silver and gold. The phone will be functioning on iOS 8 which was presented to developers in the month of June.

The iOS 8 allows users to obtain accurate data both their health and fitness level by means of the HealthKit. This combines various fitness and health applications like motorization of the heart rate and blood pressure.

The HomeKite will permit iPhone 6 owners to have a good control over their kitchen appliances and other connected gadgets. This application has the ability to streamline the gadgets the phone possessor has and control all of them from a single place. The gadgets might be controlled via Siri. The Siri can turn off lights, unlock and lock doors and even set properly the thermostat. These features might give the iPhone 6 the role of a lifestyle gadget, whose purpose is to make daily tasks easier and more efficient.

It has been rumoured that suppliers have been asked to make eight million units by the month of December. In the month of July, Apple announced it quarterly figures. They revealed an important growth on the Chinese market and profits of 7.7 billion US dollars that exceeded all expectations. The electronics company made not comments.

Apple iPhone 6 and Its Unofficial Pictures of the Logic Board

As the month of September is coming closer, more and more rumors are claiming that Apple has not intent of releasing its two versions of the iPhone 6 at the same time. Thus, the first version will be released first while the 5.5 inches model will make its appearance later this year, hopefully. Probably, Apple has learned a lot from its previous unsuccessful attempt to launch two phones next to one another as it happened with the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. Nonetheless, the iPhone 6 is definitely a highly expected phone which is supposed to attract numerous customers.

Unofficial Pictures of the iPhone 6 Logic Board

The French website named Noweherelse claims that it has obtained from a highly reliable Chinese source pictures of the logic board belonging to the iPhone 6. In spite of all the rumors and leaks Apple has made no official comments yet. Here comes a brief review of the most common speculation about Apple’s new smart phone:

  1. The Near Field Communication feature, which has been absent up till now from iPhones is supposed to be part of the new iPhone 6. This might offer new opportunities for payments and for the way in which iBeacon makes its interaction with both the user and the phone.
  2. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology is available and as a consequence is expected to be part of the iPhone 6.
  3. 3.The phone is supposed to have a Sapphire screen which will put an end to easily cracked screens.
  4. 4.The Optical Image Stabilization might come with the 5.5 inch version but not with the 4.7 model.

Most Apple fans expect for the phone to be released in the month of September. Viral Global News claims that an Apple store manager has said that vacation blackout dates have been restricted for the month of September.

Anticipation is growing and it is expected for the iPhone 6 to sell in no time, leaving the store shelves empty soon after its release.

Samsung Continues Its Apple Mocking Commercials: iPhone 6 is Under Fire this Time

The latest commercial designed to advertise the new Samsung Galaxy S5 does its job really well. Nonetheless Samsung could not refrain itself from continuing the series of commercials in which Apple and its products are being mocked at. Time has time for iPhone 6 to be made fun of. By now all gadgets enthusiasts and not only them, have heard about the rumors claiming that the iPhone 6 will come in equipped with a larger screen than its predecessor the iPhone 5.

The new Samsung commercial makes reference to this fact and it also points out that the Galaxy phones have been displaying this feature for some time now. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 5.1 inch display which is much bigger than the 4 inch display of iPhones. Even more frustrating for Apple the Galaxy S5 will still have a bigger display than one of the new iPhone 6 version, the 4.7 inches model.

The commercial is a bit unfair though. If the Samsung Galaxy S5 is compared with other devices, it comes out that its screen is not that outstanding after all. The LG G3 has a QHD display of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 2560×1440 and a total of 534 ppi. These features make the Galaxy S5 seem out fashioned and the Galaxy Note 3 antique when it comes to resolution problems. Numerous anonymous voices state that the iPhone 6 will also come with a larger version of 5.5 inches. However, little is known about this version and most people are waiting for the 4.7 version to be launched towards the middle of September.

Thus, the Samsung’s display will make your friends green with envy only if they have an iPhone and if they are really interesting into something bigger. Since the release of the LG G3, Samsung’s domination of the large display phone market has been over. The company has to come up with something new if it wants to win its position back.

The coming September brings the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but the phablet has never been considered as being a direct rival for iPhone. The rumors say that the device will preserve its present 5.7 inches size. This means that Samsung needs to find other ways to make the Galaxy Note 4 appealing to customers and prefer it over the iPhone 6, the 5.5 inches version or the LG G3.




Will there be Sapphire Crystals in the New iPhone 6?

There are high chances for the new 5.5 inches version of the iPhone 6 to have a display made of sapphire crystals, the third strongest material in the world.

Eighteen months ago, Apple had several discussions with experts in the domain in order to use sapphires for its new iPhone 6, reported the Guardian.

The virtual community has been invaded by a YouTube video presenting a 4.7 inches phone (supposed to be the smaller version of iPhone 6) scratched with a knife, with keys and bent beyond normal standards.

Professor Neil Alford, employee of the department materials within Imperial College, London said that in his opinion Apple had been rather cunning. He stated that he believed that the company had manufactured a screen made of sapphire which was capable to resist any hardship including scratches and bending.

It is a well-known fact that Apple has already used sapphire crystals for the production of its iPhone 5 camera lenses as well as for the finger print sensor belonging to the same iPhone version. However, the sapphire crystals are a better choice if the desire is to make some highly resistant screens that could out pass normal glass and even the famous Gorilla Glass which for the time being is used to cover the screen of most smart phones as well as tablets.

However, this could be quite a costly movement. Thus, the 4.7 inches iPhone shown in the YouTube video has an area of approximately 9.5 square inches. Figures reveal that every quarter, the electronic giant sell about ten million phone units. This means that ten meters of 4.7 inches phones with a sapphire screen would actually need 6 hectares or if you want, 61,290 square meters of the sapphire crystal glass.

Apple joint forces with GT Advanced years ago in order to produce sapphire in huge quantities needed for a very important component.  The trade documents state that the sapphire would be sent in other countries for the assembly processes. In this case, reference could have been made to touch sensors but to mobile screens as well.

Sapphire crystals are not made from standard glass which contains silicon dioxide, but from aluminium oxide powder. After being heated and cooled this powder may be cut and modelled in glass layers, commonly known as sapphire glass. This material is not something new on the market. It has been used for the production of camera lenses and watch screens due to its durability, transparency and resistance.

Alford has spoken about its meeting with the Apple representatives and their interest in using sapphire to produce screens. He believes that since that visit, which occurred eighteen months ago, Apple has been busy producing the sapphire screens. He has also explained that sapphire has been used for the manufacturing of electronic components for some years now. Alford has watched and made comments on Marques Brownlee’s video, in which he “stabs” the phone screen with a pointed knife, then scratches it with his keys and finally bends it under his shoes. The result: a perfect screen, without the slightest damage. Brownlee received the part from the well-known blogger Sonny Dickson. Brownlee told the Guardian journalists that he was quite sure that the screen was made by Apple. In the beginning he had his doubts and though it was just another Gorilla Glass screen, but after performing all those extreme tests he was sure that he was dealing with a sapphire made screen.

Brownlee’s opinion was backed up by Alford’s affirmations, who said that the screen presented in the video might be a sapphire one. He explained that if the sapphire was thin enough and if it was without flaws, than it could be bent beyond the normal limits due to its abnormal strength. In his opinion Apple might be doing a lamination of some sort. They might be binding various crystal sapphire cuts in order to bind them together. He also said that there were high chances for some strain to have been introduced in the glass so as to boost its strength.

Sapphire is a material that is by far more advantageous than glass, but unfortunately is quite expensive although there are plenty of raw materials for its production. The manufacturing of artificial sapphire is not a very difficult problem when it comes to small electronic components; it is quite like producing artificial diamonds for jewellery.

Alford explained the greatest problem was the processes of polishing sapphire due to its hardness. He expressed his believes that the manufacturers would have to use slices of diamonds in order to properly cut sapphire. He also explained that costs were the only problem of having sapphire crystals as part of an iPhone.

There are high chances for Apple and its partner producing sapphires to have patented the process for making sapphire crystals screen. This means that producers like Corning, manufacturer of the Gorilla Glass, will not be allowed to create replicates of the Apple screens.

A New YouTube Video Claims the Show the “Superhero Powers” of iPhone 6

Phone enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the new iPhones 6 to be released. In the meantime rumors of all kind hit up the network. Thus, according to various leaks the soon-to-be-here iPhone 6 has some sort of superpowers when it comes to its screen- it appears to be indestructible.

Above all pictures that popped up on the web, there is a new YouTube video that is supposed to present the front part of the iPhone 6. Thus, the glass made panel appears to be made out of tiny sapphire crystals which protect the phone from various damages, including knife scratches and bends taken to extreme.

The video was made public by Marques Brownlee and throughout the video he subjects the phone to a series of extreme tests that really go beyond the daily usage of an iPhone. At the end of the video he tells his viewers that the greatest damage brought to the phone surface were his fingertips.

For the time being, iPhone 5 S have the front screens made of Gorilla Glass while sapphire crystals are used for protecting the camera and for the sensors used for Touch ID fingerprint.

The phone presented and tested within the video uploaded on YouTube is supposed to be the 4.7 inches version of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 6. Thus, it is possible that the sapphire made screen would belong only to the smaller version.

After rumors and much speculation, the electronic giant finally decided to come open and announce its future partnership with GT Advanced Technologies located in the state of Massachusetts. As part of this, they agreed to prepay a 578 million US dollars to some facility belonging to Apple and located somewhere in Arizona region. The company is the owner of the furnace that manufactures the sapphire type glass for the giant electronic company, Apple.

During the month of April the web site 9to5Mac specialized in technology news pointed out that Apple had already started to give its suppliers in China sapphire glass produced in the Arizona based factory.

There are various reasons why experts as well as users consider that the sapphire glass will be part of the new iPhone 6. One of these reasons is the much rumoured and long awaited iWatch.