Apple Pays Damages to EBook Users

Various information have sprung out concerning the out of the court arrangement between Apple and thirty-three US states that accused the giant electronics company for having hiked the prices required for its eBooks.

The USA prosecutors have declared that Apple has to pay 400 million US dollars to its eBook customers as well as the sum of 50 million US dollars to the lawyers.

The settlement will enter into force only if the New York based second US Circuit Court of Appeals rejects the company’s appeal, which for the time being is in a pending state. The Court in New York might decide to reduce the sum to 70 million US dollars with 50 million US dollars going to affected clients or in the worst scenarios for the plaintiffs might even decide to cut it out completely.

Apple was accused of having taken part into a conspiracy whose purpose was to trick buyers and raise the prices of eBooks. The company appeared in court for the first time in 2013. All the thirty-three plaintiffs states are making use of the decision taken by the federal court in order to determine the computer company to accept an out of the court settlement.

Schneiderman, the Attorney General for the State of New York said that the settlement proves that even the most important and powerful businesses had to respect the rules and the laws. He also said that in case of victory, Apple would have to pay millions of US dollars to its buyers so as to compensate for the unlawful prices of the Apple eBooks. Schneiderman assured the citizens that he and his team would keep on working with their colleagues in other US state to make sure that all businesses play by the rules.

Apple decided to go for a settlement in the month of June but kept secret the entire affair. The Cupertino expects the outcome of its final appeal before making any deal an official matter. The thirty-three plaintiff states asked for 840 million US dollars to be paid as damages.

The entire lawsuit was based on the deals that the electronics company had closed with five important publishers. Through these deals the publishers agreed to sell titles only by means of the iBooks software, while Apple was supposed to get about thirty per cent out of each and single sale.

The complainants accused both Apple and the publishing houses for having colluded in order to establish very high prices for eBooks in order to get their profits. It is assumed that the entire scheme was designed and put at work when Amazon was selling very cheap eBooks. The court considered that these actions had violated the price-fixing policies.

In a 2013 settlement done with the Department of Justice, the electronics company accepted to take various actions in order to straighten up the entire situation. It even agreed to erase the pricing contracts which had been signed with the publishing houses.  All the publishers involved in the case have already signed separate settlements and thus they have left Apple to appear all alone in court.

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The New Apple iPad-Review

The new iPad that Apple wants to attract customers with has numerous features such as: a new powerful processor, a higher screen resolution, Touch ID and an upgraded camera.

During the third quarter, Apple has managed to sell 13.3 million iPads, which led to revenue of 5.89 billion US dollars. Although, the figures seem impressive they are lower than the ones registered last year when Apple sold 14.61 million iPads which brought 16.35 million US dollars. The Apple CEO declared that the figures had lowered because in certain parts of the world sales decreased. Cook’s declarations have been backed up by the IDC analysis which revealed that the US and the Western European tablet market registered a fall with 5% during 2014.

The new iPad is expected to have a design similar to the one of the old one. However, it is supposed to have new specs and features which have the purpose to attract new clients. It is possible for Apple to equip the new iPad with an A8 chip, which is supposed to be with 20 up to 30% more powerful than the current one. The cameras might undergo some changes as well. The iPad Air 5 has a back camera of 5 megapixels and a front camera of 1.2 megapixels.

The new gadget will be secured by means of the Touch ID feature. Some leaked photos presented the iPad Air and the iPad mini equipped with the Touch ID button. This security technology may help users do mobile payments. The new iPad is expected to have a much better screen than the one belonging to iPad air and which has a resolution of 2048×1536.

When it comes to prices, Apple is appreciated for having managed to keep the prices quite steady. For now, a buyer can purchase an iPad mini, first version for the price of 299 US dollars. However, the iPad Air having Wi-Fi and 128 gigabytes can cost up to 929 US dollars.

The new Apple iPads are expected to be presented in the month of October.

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iPad Air 2 – New Specs but No News of The Launch Date

For the time being there is no news on the launch date of iPad Air 2. However, there is some fresh news, which hints that the tablet will come with some new specs.

It appears that the new Apple gadget will come equipped with lots of cool specs and features which might cause a revolution in the way people perceive tablets. The iPad Air 2 will probably have the technology of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, already used with the iPhone 5S. The gadget will attract customers by means of the haptic feedback. This haptic feedback is not something customers have not seen before since it is such a common feature of Android. However, Apple claims that the haptic feedback of the iPad Air 2 will change according to where the screen is located or on the application being used.

It is rumored that the iPad Air 2 might be connected to 4K television set having ultra-high definition. The Metal API technology can be used in order to turn the tablet into the ultimate gaming console.

The leaked photos of the iPad Air 2 present a gadget with speaker grilles and no back camera. The new tablet appears to be slimmer and lighter than its fore-runners. The screen will be equal to 9.7 inch and will have an increased pixel density. The gadget will have a 64-bit processor. The camera and the battery promise to be highly qualitative. The A8 processor is the promise for a gadget operating on a higher speed.

The iPad Air 2 is supposed to be launched in October but Apple has not confirmed any of the rumors.

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The Amazing Popularity of iOS 7 in spite of The Soon To Be Here iOS 8

iOS 7 produced by Apple was launched ten months ago. In spite of this, its popularity is still on the ascending trend, whit iOS 7 functioning on about 90% of the gadget having an i at the front like iPads, iPods or iPhones.

Apple pointed out on its developer site, that about 90% of the gadgets that visit the Application Store for the iOS devices were functioning on the latest upgrade of the iOS 7 operating system. Apple analyzed a period of seven days having its end on the 13th of July.

Figures point out that devices running on iOS 7 represented about 87% in the month of April. The 90% obtained in the month of July points out a one per cent increase every month.

This increase occurred in the detriment of gadgets functioning on iOS 6, having a share that experienced a decrease from 11% to about 9%. In the month of April the iOS alternatives having the same release date or even older than iOS 5 were running on only 2 % of all devices that were functioning at that moment.

In December the adoption rate of the iOS 7 dropped down a bit, with only 78% of mobile Apple devices functioning of this system. This revitalization is even more amazing since the new iOS 8 is about to be launched the coming autumn.

The upgraded iOS brings various improvements and new features like the HealthKit fitness application, the HomeKit used for smart home support, open APIs or the integrated Applications for Health.

Many hope that the new iOS 8 will be released with the new iPhone 6 coming in the 4.7 and 5.5 inches version. However, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst working for KGI, considers that the launch of the bigger model will be delayed due to various production problems which include the metal casings as well as the touch panels.

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